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About Me

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Dr. Mortuza Khaled, a distinguished professor in the History Department at Rajshahi University, is a captivating figure whose passion for history permeates every aspect of his life. With a wealth of knowledge, unwavering dedication, and a gift for storytelling, he effortlessly brings the past to life for his students.

Dr. Khaled is a prominent figure in the Awami family tradition. His father was a dedicated worker and organizer for the Awami League, who worked tirelessly to ensure the party's victory during the United Front in 1954 and the national elections in 1970. Mortuza Khaled joined Rajshahi University as a faculty member in 1990 and actively engaged in progressive politics. In 1991, he became a member of the Teachers' Association from the Progressive Teachers' Panel and actively participated in their activities.

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In 2009, he became the President of the Rajshahi University Students' Union following the martyrdom of Shamsuzzoha, a prominent student leader. No other faculty member of Rajshahi University was willing to take up the responsibility of this position. Despite the challenging circumstances, he accepted the position as a challenge.